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AHF is Community Development Corporation Certified

Affordable Homeownership Foundation received Community Development Corporation (CDC) certification in 2015.

Community Development Corporations (CDCs) are nonprofit, community-based organizations focused on revitalizing the areas in which they are located, typically low-income, underserved neighborhoods that have experienced significant disinvestment. While they are most commonly celebrated for developing affordable housing, they are usually involved in a range of initiatives critical to community health such as economic development, sanitation, streetscaping, and neighborhood planning projects, and oftentimes even provide education and social services to neighborhood residents.

CDCs play a critical role in building community wealth for several key reasons:

  • They anchor capital in communities by developing residential and commercial property, ranging from affordable housing to shopping centers and even businesses.
  • At least one-third of a CDC’s board is typically composed of community residents, allowing for the possibility of direct, grass-roots participation in decision-making.
  • CDCs work to enhance community conditions oftentimes involves neighborhood organizing, a process critical for empowering residents and gaining political power.
Infographic showing key statistics about Community Development Corporations

AHF’s Jason Schulz on Asheville Radio Station Mix96.5

Screenshot of web page with audio of  interview with AHF's Jason Schulz

Check out this episode of Asheville Area Focus, a local segment on Asheville, NC’s radio station – Mix96.5. The show’s host, Kipper Schauer, recently interviewed Jason Schulz, AFH’s North Carolina Executive Director. Jason shared a lot of great information about AHF’s programs, achievements, and future plans in the area.

Kipper and Jason talk about some of the ways AHF helps people achieve homeownership

  • Helping overcome some of the ups and downs that so many of us go through, struggles that can make affordable housing so difficult to attain.
  • How AHF can help people get control of their finances, and get on the path toward stability and homeownership.
  • How just about anyone with a source of income can work toward stable housing and homeownership.
  • How AHF programs work, and how to start getting AHF’s help.
  • AHF’s plan to establish tiny home communities in WNC – Western North Carolina.

Listen to the recording of the broadcast here.

AHF receives letter from the White House

Letter received from White House

Letter received from White House

A “Thank You” from a valued client – Janet Hause

An AHF story with a happy ending

Janet Hause
Fort Myers, FL
December 9, 2014

Hi Everyone!

My name is Janet and I am writing to all who may have the same situation that I had. My husband passed away in 2012 and two days after he died I was served with Foreclosure papers. As you can imagine by that time I was at the end of my rope, with nowhere to turn.

I had heard up north about an organization named “HUD” so I looked them up in the phone book in Florida. I called and they gave me a phone number for a HUD approved housing counseling agency called Affordable Homeownership Foundation (AHF) who helps people with housing and foreclosure problems like mine. I called and set up an appointment with them to see if they could help me. When I called they asked me to bring all of my paperwork to their office regarding the house, my mortgage and my financials, which I did. I met with a woman named Lois, she was so helpful and while I was there she introduced me to a man who happened to be in the same office for a meeting that day, his name is Ken.

Lois and Ken and I discussed our situation, and they asked if I would consider putting the house up for sale, because at that point I thought my only option was to give the house back and that is what I had told Lois I wanted to do, because I did not think I could sell it legally with the house being in Foreclosure. Ken told me based on my documents and how much the bank was saying I owed on the house but based on his quick research the house could be listed for over $100,000 more than what lowed, I had no idea!

We listed the house in August of this year and with many ups and downs over the month we finally got an offer by the end of September, not for the full listing price but close enough and it was a cash offer! During the ups and downs Ken and Lois helped me so often, reassuring me that I would be able to get out from under this debt and with the sale all of my other debts, I kept wondering if I could ever repay them. (I called them my Guardian Angels). I thought I had went to heaven, all of my debts were paid! Today I received two pieces of mail the first piece of mail to tell my mortgage had been satisfied, the second was a statement from the law firm handling the Foreclosure telling me the debt was “paid in full” another dream in my life!

I can never thank any of these wonderful “Angels” enough, I love them dearly, they saved my life! Thank you all!

Janet Hause

Now all your Amazon purchases can help AHF!

Shopping on Amazon for a good cause

We have joined the Amazon Smile program. That means when you visit Amazon through the link on our site, a small portion of your purchase is donated by Amazon to Affordable Homeownership Foundation, Inc.

Shoppers can choose any of the organizations participating in the program when they shop, and half of one percent of the total will be donated to the chosen cause.

Small donations like this can really add up and make a difference, so please consider helping AHF by using Amazon smile through our link – just click through the Amazon Smile banner in the sidebar or footer area across our site.

Thank you!

Homes For Vets Program In Action

main room and kitchen in home rehabbed by AHF
New home owners through the AHF Homes For Vets program, Errol & Joann Heath With Realtors Ken Falvey & Squire Wells.

New home owners through the AHF Homes For Vets program, Errol & Joann Heath With Realtors Ken Falvey & Squire Wells.

Errol and Joann Heath became new homeowners through the Homes For Vets Program when they closed on their new home in Cape Coral, Florida, rehabilitated and sold by Affordable Homeownership Foundation, Inc.

See pictures of the newly rehabbed property here.

New Online Classes For First Time Home Buyers

AHF offers online First Time Home Buyer Education Classes through

New Online Classes For First Time Home Buyers

Now you can learn all you need to know to buy your first home with more convenience than ever.

Affordable Homeownership Foundation, Inc, has selected to deliver online home buyer education classes to people in our area who would like to be thoroughly prepared to buy their own homes.

Online education classes allow you to set your own schedule and attend wherever you have internet access.

Learn how to:

  • Shop for a home
  • Secure a mortgage loan
  • Maintain your home

Announcing our newest program for Veterans – Homes For Vets

Announcing our newest program for Veterans – Homes For Vets

In partnership with Bank of America and the National Community Stabilization Trust, Affordable Homeownership Foundation, Inc. is working to provide low cost homes to U.S. Military Veterans who are disabled and/or low-to-moderate income.

This housing initiative provides eligible veterans with the opportunity to buy at a discount a renovated foreclosed home.

Learn more and download the application form here.