Housing & Related Programs Supported By AHF


Homes For Vets Program

is an initiative to make renovated, foreclosed homes available to qualified vets in need.

More information here.


Help Resources For Veterans

Find help and resources for veterans here.


National Neighbors Seniors Silver Program

Changing economic circumstances, exacerbated by the recent Great Recession, have left too many older adults unable to rely on traditional forms of retirement resources such as savings and pensions. Financial fraud and scams have grown exponentially, stripping the limited resources of many older adults. The National Neighbors Silver Program supports local organizing and advocacy campaigns, like AHF, to increase economic security for older adults.


Youth Aging out of Foster Care Program

Imagine you are 17 or 18 years old and alone, homeless, desperate to finish high school, with no family support and nowhere to turn. Our homeless high school youth know all too well. Nearly all of the unaccompanied, homeless youth in Lee County have survived severe trauma in their short lives, including abuse, neglect and untimely loss of parents and caretakers, among others. And yet, with the holistic support system of Affordable Homeownership Foundation (AHF) and education as their lifelines, they are still full of youthful hopes and dreams of a better future, perhaps college, the service or employment and a career.

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