Screenshot of web page with audio of  interview with AHF's Jason Schulz

Check out this episode of Asheville Area Focus, a local segment on Asheville, NC’s radio station – Mix96.5. The show’s host, Kipper Schauer, recently interviewed Jason Schulz, AFH’s North Carolina Executive Director. Jason shared a lot of great information about AHF’s programs, achievements, and future plans in the area.

Kipper and Jason talk about some of the ways AHF helps people achieve homeownership

  • Helping overcome some of the ups and downs that so many of us go through, struggles that can make affordable housing so difficult to attain.
  • How AHF can help people get control of their finances, and get on the path toward stability and homeownership.
  • How just about anyone with a source of income can work toward stable housing and homeownership.
  • How AHF programs work, and how to start getting AHF’s help.
  • AHF’s plan to establish tiny home communities in WNC – Western North Carolina.

Listen to the recording of the broadcast here.

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