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Airbnb & Global Giving Awards A Sizeable Donation to Affordable Homeownership Foundation Inc!

We just got news from GlobalGiving that Affordable Homeownership Foundation is receiving a grant from the #AirbnbCommunityFund. Thank you, @Airbnb and the Airbnb Host community for supporting important community-led organizations. #nonprofit

Your Donation Will Make A Difference! We could not do this important work without your help and help from the community, Thank you so much!

AHF is Excited to Announce the Opening of Our Home for Individuals With Disabilities. This Home is Housing 4 Disabled Individuals and was built with a Partnership with Lee County Human & Veterans Services & Lee County SHIP Program.

Common Kitchen
Another View of common Kitchen
Shared Living Room Area
Each Bathroom has a roll in Shower
This is a Bedroom, that has a Kitchenette, Roll in Shower and closet area
Shared Washer/Dryer Area
Each Bedroom has it’s own Kitchenette
Closet area in each room
This is the Guest Bathroom for Friends & Guests

Each bedroom/living area is wired to have the lights turn on through voice command thru Amazon Alexia, there is also the ability to turn the AC & Heat on via Alexia. Music can be played through Alexia in each room and in the common area. The County required we have a “Common Kitchen with a Stove, so each SRO (Single Room Occupancy Dwelling) is equipped with it’s own kitchenette so if someone does no want to leave their room they don’t have to. Each room is big enough to have a table, couch & TV as wells as the bedroom furniture.

Call 239-689-4944 for any further information “Changing Lives One at A Time”

Race To End Homelessness

We are raising Funds to help the Lee County Homeless Coalition please participate it will be a “Fun” fund raiser to donate go here:

Hope for those who have none

Individuals with disabilities, Seniors and Veterans have limited income and as rents rise and their income remains the same most of these individuals are at risk of becoming Homeless or will become in less than a month. The average rents starts at between $1200-$1500 and those prices are rising daily. We have established a fund raiser to help with this issue the link is as follows:

This fund can help the elderly, disabled and Veterans whose income is only between $650 $1000 and their rent is now $1200 until we can find them alternative housing in their price range (which is next to impossible).

Without your assistance these individuals will be living on the streets. The average life span of a homeless person on the streets in our County especially a Senior, or an individual with a disability or a Veteran is 6-8 months. PLEASE HELP!

Veteran Help VA Pension & Aides & Attendance (see below or download the flyers)

Veteran Success

Edward C. DeRose
VA Accredited Claims Agent

Phone: 239-362-0131
FAX: 239-362-0134

Ø Fully Accredited VA Claims Agent (#23607)
Ø Expert Advice
Ø Cash Flow Analysis
Ø Meet at your location (No Travel!)
Ø More than 10 years of experience helping Veterans and their surviving spouses.
Ø Assisted over 300 Veterans and helped their families secure more than $5 Million in benefits.

Ø Simplifies what can be an arduous process through Government red tape.
Ø Guides you through the process.
Ø Assistance in gathering and securing the required documents.
Ø Better than 99% success rate.
Ø Assistance in the preparation of the claim.
Ø Follow up on the claim status after filing with the VA Administration.

2020 Benefit Amounts

Veteran without Dependents Monthly Maximum $1,911 Annual Maximum $22,939
Veteran with 1 Dependent Monthly Maximum $2,226 Annual Maximum $27,195
Surviving Spouse
Monthly Maximum $1,228 Annual Maximum $14,742

2020 Eligible Candidates

World War II: 12/7/41 – 12/31/46
Continuous Service before 7/26/47 Also
Korean Conflict: 6/27/50 – 1/31/55
Vietnam Era: 8/5/64 – 5/7/75
2/28/61 if in country
Persian Gulf War: 8/2/90 – TBD by Law.

Do you need advice and help Negotiating with your Landlord or Mortgage Servicer Due to The Covid 19 Pandemic?

Are You Worried About Eviction & Foreclosure? We have HUD Trained Housing Counselors on Staff That can help you negotiate with your landlord or Your Mortgage Servicer to Prevent Eviction & Foreclosure Call Affordable Homeownership Foundation 239-689-4944 or e-mail us at:

In order to qualify for assistance you must have been:

  • Affected by COVID-19 and experienced a Job Loss or Furlough
  • Are having difficulty paying your rent or mortgage
  • Are behind on your rent or mortgage
  • Have received an eviction notice or Foreclosure Paperwork.


This is counseling and budgeting is to help prevent Eviction and Foreclosure and develop a crisis budget and to receive other advice and resources to keep you housed. Remember if you receive eviction paperwork and Foreclosure Paperwork you have a limited time to send a response so call us as soon as you can, time is of the essence!


Who knew that 2020 would be like this? If you are having questions about your Mortgage that is in Forbearance, or struggling to pay your rent and need advice on what to do or how to develop a crisis budget to stay in your housing Affordable Homeownership Foundation (AHF) can help. We have seasoned counselors on staff that are trained to help you navigate through the Forbearance process if you own your home, if you are a renter we can help you with crisis budgeting to help you through this difficult time. We can also help you speak to your landlord if you feel you are unable to do so or you might be afraid to discuss your situation with them. We are a HUD approved Housing Counseling Agency so call us today 239-689-4944 we are here to help!

First Time Home Buyer Classes Live & In Person!

Affordable Homeownership Foundation holds their First Time Home Buyer Classes the second Saturday of each month. Who should attend?

  • Anyone who has never owned a home
  • Anyone who has owned a home previously and has a Foreclosure, short sale, or deed in Lieu
  • Anyone who has not owned a home in 3 years
  • Those who think they want to own a home but are unsure where to start or what to do.

Affordable Homeownership Foundation is hosting in an house First Time Home Buyer Classes the second Saturday of each month at their location 5264 Clayton Court, Suite 1, Fort Myers, FL 33907  at  9:00 AM Pre-registration is REQUIRED  by e-mailing or by calling 239-689-4944

If you cannot make the class we also offer the e-home America on line class through our website click on “Homebuyer education” and then the link for the class is towards the end. Just fill out the information requested and once you finish the class you can print out your own  “Certificate of completion” The on-line class costs $99.00 per person save your receipts as it can be counted towards your 3% down payment.

What will you learn:

1.) Are you Ready to Buy a Home?

2.) Managing Your Money

3.) Understanding Credit

4.) Obtaining a Mortgage Loan

5.) Shopping For A Home

6.) Protecting your Investment

This class is taught by professionals in the Industry

Realtors- Who go over how to find a Home and what to look for in a Neighborhood, how not to buy more house than you can afford

Mortgage Professionals & Bankers- What loans and rates are available and what that all means and what a Mortgage application and closing documents look like and what to expect at closing

Home Inspectors- All aspects of a home inspection and why one is necessary, all of the things to look for when buying a home

Insurance Personnel- Types of Insurance, What is a Deductible? Do you need Flood Insurance? What does insurance cover?  Why is a Hurricane deductible different than a regular deductible. What is Recoverable Depreciation? And so much more

Credit- What is on your Credit Report? How to fix errors, What Mortgage professionals and Bankers look at when considering you for a loan and much more…

The following is a list of documents to bring to the class or for counseling:

  • Copies of your most recent utility bills
  • 2 most recent pay stubs (for each person in the household)
  • If disabled or on social security, Proof of SSI/SSDI, pensions, child support, alimony etc. for each person in the household
  • If self-employed, a signed and dated year to date profit and loss statement
  • Last 3 months of bank statements, all pages all accounts in PDF format, (account snapshots from the internet will not be accepted)
  • Last 2 year’s tax returns (signed on the signature page)

Please do not bring original documents, as we will have to make copies and that takes time.

In addition, we have to pull credit as a HUD requirement unless you bring a tri-merge RECENT credit report. The credit report we pull is a “Soft Pull” and does not affect your credit score in any way. CREDCO charges us $17.00 per person so that would be the charge to you, we will give you a copy of the credit report to take with you when you leave, we take cash, or charge.

See you at the class, call with any questions, pre-registration is mandatory